Friday, October 9, 2009

The U.K. Part II

- We had zero idea what to expect from this show, and it wound up being our best show of the tour so far. Double encore, people calling out our song names. Good people were involved with playing and promoting the show. Damn good food provided by the venue as well - curry for the vegetarians, lamb chili for the rest.

But as with all things related to Millions, it couldn't go off without a hitch. While we were loading in, and standing next to the van, we got a parking ticket. We tried to talk to the cops, but they didn't care. They just stood there passive aggressively photographing the van and writing the ticket. Dumb.

This is the town hall....

This is Nottingham Castle, which we were told by the locals was actually more of a manor....

Edinburgh -

We pulled up at the venue and were greeted with food, beer, water, a castle, and an apartment to stay in with a washing machine that was directly above where we were playing....Amazing! All of this was provided by the Scottish twin of Jamie Getz (from Gods & Queens). I hope they play there on the upcoming European tour just to see the looks on their faces when they meet each other.

Here is a pretty poorly produced video of the venue

After loading in and sound checking, we walked around for a bit. We could barely walk a couple feet without seeing something old and awesome and being gawky tourists. Literally right down the street was Edinburgh Castle, a huge structure built on top of a rocky hill and looming over the whole city.
Walked around a bit looking for some good local food, haggis was had by some, and oysters by others to balance it out. Gotta say, the haggis was pretty good, but then again you can deep fry pretty much anything (and you can't get much more "anything" than haggis). Back to the venue where we sampled a small portion of the venue's 100 whiskeys. Yes, 100. I think Lagavulin was the clear winner. First order of business when we get back to the states is tracking that stuff down.

The show was fun and the crowd was a little more lively than most we've had which is always a plus. Hung out with Chris the promoter and Rob the sound guy (also a current member of The Exploited) into the wee hours of the morning then after some rest in our pimped out accommodations (beer, bed + shower = pimped out when you're on tour), it was off to Leeds...

But not before....2 PARKING TICKETS!!!!


  1. Sorry about all of the parking tickets - hopefully no more of thoese. On the plus side the rest of the tour sounds awesome. With a different venue every night, it seems to be one adventure after another.