Monday, October 19, 2009


Lille – This show was interesting for a few reasons. First off, we walked in, looked at the walls, and realized that the band Anvil had played here during their tour of Europe that was documented in the movie, Anvil: The Story of Anvil. Right then we got freaked out….We hoped our show would work out a little better. (oh snap! a little googling found this)

We loaded in and did sound check, and we noticed a somewhat funky odor but didn’t think much of it. Eventually they showed us the band room, which was underneath the show room and we discovered where the funky smell was coming from. It was incredibly strong, and it smelled like someone forgot to change 100 cat litter boxes for about a year, and then tried to finally clean it by scrubbing it with ammonia, nail polish remover, and a sponge consisting of burnt hair. Yeah, try screaming and breathing all that in for half an hour... ewwww.

Despite all this, the show went well. Good crowd. Even some old friends from Michigan were there! There was a decibel meter in the corner that showed what level all the bands were hitting. We have no idea what level would trigger it, or what it would do, but we tried to max it out. Who knows if we did.
Corey in Middle Earth

After the show, we ate some pasta and then the promoter, Stan took us back to this chateau in the French countryside where we stayed for the night. Couldn't see much of the outside at night when we got there, but goddamn the next morning we saw we were surrounded by almost stereotypical picturesque French scenery.

Mark stepped in some really fresh dog poop the next morning before getting into the van.

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