Thursday, October 1, 2009

Berlin & Copenhagen

In Berlin we arrived at the venue and were allowed to park right out front! We loaded in. It took us about an hour to dial in our tones, restring guitars, tune drums, etc. Corey felt 100% again, which was a relief to everyone. We played a pretty long set tonight. Probably just short of 45 minutes. No locals on the show probably hurt the turnout a bit. We sold some stuff, and made some money from the door. Scul Hazzards challenged us to a band game of foosball. Don't play against them for money.

Later in the night we ate some amazing döner kebab. That was a highlight of the trip so far foodwise.

It was a good first night. We got our footing.

Then we woke up this morning and crossed the Baltic Sea into Denmark by ferry.

This was cool. There is probably a lot of wind in the video.....But if you want realism, this is how windy it really is.

Waiting to sound check right now.

And one last thing about airline food from Corey....


  1. Thanks guys, this is fun to read.
    -- jamie in louisville

  2. I'm jealous of the Baltic Sea Crossing - thanks for the video, it was great.

  3. Wow. I'm just looking at your itinerary. It's amazing. At least in England you'll stay in one country for a bit. I see you're playing Lucca. It is soooooo beautiful. It's a walled city. You can walk around the walls if you have the time, which you may not. I think those sea crossings must be good for the sinuses and the hangover, no?

  4. Yellowstockings is moi, votre mere-in-law, Corey.