Thursday, December 9, 2010

Playing a Show...Other Stuff

It's winter, which means that Chicago is cold. It also means that we have nothing better to do than to stay inside and write songs. At some point that gets boring though, so we've decided to brave the elements and play a show. Here are the details:
December 16
@ Pancho's in Chicago IL
w/ Hunters and Wizardcastle
We're playing a lot of new stuff at this show because it's Pancho's, and Pancho's is Logan Square's answer to Outback Steakhouse....No Rules, just right. Also, Pancho has been known to break out the sax from behind the bar and do his best Lost Boys impression. You've been warned.
The first 25 through the door will get a holiday grab bag of epic proportions. Millions vinyl, Hunters CDs, and Wizardcastle Dungeons and Dragons Dice. Why? Cause your ears need a saving throw, and we're the DM.