Thursday, October 15, 2009

Le Havre

Le Havre - We made it back to the mainland, and drove across France for a little while, excited for the amazing sandwiches that you can get at gas stations here. Honestly, they are better than any sub shop in America. Now I know what you're saying, "Can it really be better than the handiwork of the fine sandwich artists at Subway?" Yes folks, it is. Jared has been lying to you for all these years. Don't trust him.

Also, fancy cheeses at the rest areas...

After load in we walked over to a brasserie next to the town hall and had escargot, foie gras, and mussels. It was great.

They had this cooler in the restaurant.

The show went way better than expected. There was no guarantee, and it was a Monday so we didn't know if there would be 3 people there or 300 people. Turnout was decent for a Monday and we sold some stuff, actually quite a bit of stuff.

Our host, Roulio then took us back to his apartment and we were introduced to Picon which made the night more enjoyable. Some of the other guys from the show were also staying at the apartment.

The next morning we woke up and went to a market to pick up supplies for the road. Supplies in this case = baby wipes, dryer sheets to make dirty clothes smell better, canned foie gras, water and kid sized apple juice boxes.

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