Saturday, October 3, 2009


We have fallen in love with Copenhagen. The city has it all. Good food, interesting stuff to do, everyone who lives here is beautiful....seriously. It looks like a city full of only really, really, really good looking people. It's like the anti-Chicago. And they're all incredibly nice and hospitable on top of that. The only's a little cold here. They're wearing winter jackets already.

Before the show, we went out to a middle eastern buffet that was a few blocks from the venue. It hit the spot. All vegetarian, but even Corey thought it was awesome. Then we all kind of did our own things for a bit. The Olympic festival was just down the street from the venue. You could overhear the word "Obama" all over town. You heard it so much we were convinced it was a Danish word for "stinky American band".

We played the show. It was fun. Pretty well attended. We sold some stuff and got paid in Kroners. Then after the show our host Andreas and his roommate Jeppe took us out on the town. That was a blast! We just wandered around Copenhagen and went into whatever places looked like they might be fun. Tuborg was consumed along with some sort of liquor that tasted like cough medicine and Andreas told us was made with rotten fish. He also told us Americans always fall for it when he tells him this. Haha.

Then Scott got his hands on a bike....

After some 4 AM falafel and hot dogs we walked back home and slept for the night. Then we woke up a few short hours later and drove back to Germany to play a show in Essen....

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