Thursday, August 30, 2012


Our new album, FAILURE TACTICS, will be out September 25 on Seventh Rule.
The record was produced by Chicago’s Andrew Ragin (The Atlas Moth), mastered by Kyle Spence (Harvey Milk)

But if you live in Chicago, you can get your hands on it early at our record release show:
Sept 14 @ Township w/ Electric Hawk, Todays Man and Neverender

Until then, you can wet your whistle with the song "Pervert" here:

Not to get all Emo McGee about it, but this is the most ambitious, personal and, well, craziest stuff we've done so far. We're split across the country, fueled by sleep deprivation and short circuits, and did our best to capture that via microphones and amplifiers. It's still the same old Millions, but more like if the same old Millions just came out of a two year coma and woke up in a world where a man with tax dodging off shore bank accounts who wears magic underwear was a serious contender for leader of the free world..... wait... fuck. 


1. Shadow Copy
2. Shipwreck
3. Pervert
4. Siberian Angel
5. Slang For Upstanding Men
6. Tunnel Rat
7. Numbing The Dream
8. Suicide Artist
9. U.F.F.O
10. Darmok V