Thursday, December 9, 2010

Playing a Show...Other Stuff

It's winter, which means that Chicago is cold. It also means that we have nothing better to do than to stay inside and write songs. At some point that gets boring though, so we've decided to brave the elements and play a show. Here are the details:
December 16
@ Pancho's in Chicago IL
w/ Hunters and Wizardcastle
We're playing a lot of new stuff at this show because it's Pancho's, and Pancho's is Logan Square's answer to Outback Steakhouse....No Rules, just right. Also, Pancho has been known to break out the sax from behind the bar and do his best Lost Boys impression. You've been warned.
The first 25 through the door will get a holiday grab bag of epic proportions. Millions vinyl, Hunters CDs, and Wizardcastle Dungeons and Dragons Dice. Why? Cause your ears need a saving throw, and we're the DM.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Saxual Healing

Scott Flaster : Age 13

Before Scott Flaster became "the muscle"/Millions skullcracker/Seventh Rule Overlord, he was a boy with a dream. That dream was to become the world's greatest saxophone player. Had he stuck with it, his dream gigs would have been as follows:

- Doobie

- Guy who played on "Careless Whisper"

- Guy who played on "You Belong to the City"

- Guy who played on "Heart of Rock n Roll"

- Guy who played the solo on "Never Tear Us Apart"

- Rocket From the Crypt sax tech

- Sonny Rollins understudy

Instead he switched to guitar and just whistles Yakety Sax to himself whenever tragedy strikes. Who knows what could have happened had he stuck with it....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

East Coast Shows this Weekend + Scott's Birthday

In honor of Scott's birthday, and to play some great shows and see some of our favorite people, we'll be playing a series of shows on the east coast this weekend. Check the dates on the side for full details. Brooklyn on Friday will be first and it can't come soon enough. We always have a great time there. Saturday will be Baltimore. Sunday will be Philadelphia.

Please make sure Scott has a good time on his birthday. If everyone would gather around him at some point and give him a Bennigan's/Chili's style birthday song, that would probably be his ultimate birthday wish. Make it happen.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


We are looking forward to it! This day also happens to be Scott's birthday so please show up with NY Pizza, High Life, and shots of Jameson.

Friday, April 16, 2010


It's no secret that here at Camp Millions, we are all fans of the vinyl format. Record Store Day is pretty cool to us and we hope you plan on leaving your parent's basement tomorrow and coming out to support your local record store. You might even see us hitting the Chicago stores getting the rare QOTSA, Soundgarden, Springsteen, and Pantera gems we feel we need.

This is our contribution to the Record Store Day celebration by doing what we enjoy.

We are all big fans of Nirvana's "In Utero" album so we chose the song that fit us best and recorded it during the Panic Program session.

Of course we had to play it faster than the original.



the song can also be downloaded here.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Livin' the Dream

Sometimes we find some pretty cool stuff on tour. Like this ape themed gas station in Connecticut. We're sure someone else has been there and has better pictures of it. Send us some pics!

And don't forget that we're playing shows this summer! Bring us some bologna and maybe Corey will fry you up a sandwich. Or maybe we'll split it with you.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Contests! Show Dates Too!

We're throwing out so many contest posts lately, that you're gonna think this has turned into a spam blog. Next up will be Viagra offers, and emails from a Nigerian Prince.

Anyway, there is another contest. This one is pretty special. Basically, it's a drawing that you can enter to win a test pressing of our vinyl.

Enter here:

There are only 5 of these in existence so owning one immediately puts you in an exclusive class of people. It's a class of people that still thinks farts and Weird Al are hilarious, but still....

Also, we put a few show dates up that we're doing with our fellow downstroke warlords, Fight Amp. Brooklyn, Philadelphia....More coming.

Next contest: Guess your weight!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Not Quite a Lotto Ticket...

Yo internet! It's been awhile since we talked to you. Let's get down to business....

Yes, the EP is still on schedule. You should go ahead and preorder it from Brutal Panda. It's only being released on vinyl for right now. Why you might ask? Well... CDs are clunky, dumb, and make for excellent backup/data transfer devices, but as a listening medium, they are antiques. In 1995, a CD made sense. In 2010, they're AOL....And even AOL quit sending out CDs! See...It's all coming together.

Yes, we have shows coming up. Details on those later.

The big news... Decibel Magazine is hosting a contest to win our new EP. If you know your useless Scott Flaster facts, you might just win the contest. And even if you don't know Scott Flaster from John Amos, you can probably just look on our last LP and get the answer.

Read the Decibel article on the release and enter the contest here.

Friday, February 5, 2010


We are proud to announce that Brutal Panda Records will be releasing our new EP, 'Panic Program'.

The EP will be available in 7" vinyl format and will feature 4 brand new tracks.

The tracks were recorded this past November at Bricktop Recording in Chicago, IL with Andy Nelson (Harpoon, Weekend Nachos) handling production duties, and mastering being taken care of by Carl Saff (Young Widows, The Atlas Moth).

The press will be limited to 500 copies with 300 on green and 200 on black.

You can hear the first track off the EP, "Kept Alive By Drugs And Magick" right here via MySpace.

'Panic Program' will see an early March vinyl-only release with pre-orders being taken via the official Brutal Panda site here.

The track listing is as follows: