Thursday, August 19, 2010

Saxual Healing

Scott Flaster : Age 13

Before Scott Flaster became "the muscle"/Millions skullcracker/Seventh Rule Overlord, he was a boy with a dream. That dream was to become the world's greatest saxophone player. Had he stuck with it, his dream gigs would have been as follows:

- Doobie

- Guy who played on "Careless Whisper"

- Guy who played on "You Belong to the City"

- Guy who played on "Heart of Rock n Roll"

- Guy who played the solo on "Never Tear Us Apart"

- Rocket From the Crypt sax tech

- Sonny Rollins understudy

Instead he switched to guitar and just whistles Yakety Sax to himself whenever tragedy strikes. Who knows what could have happened had he stuck with it....