Thursday, August 19, 2010

Saxual Healing

Scott Flaster : Age 13

Before Scott Flaster became "the muscle"/Millions skullcracker/Seventh Rule Overlord, he was a boy with a dream. That dream was to become the world's greatest saxophone player. Had he stuck with it, his dream gigs would have been as follows:

- Doobie

- Guy who played on "Careless Whisper"

- Guy who played on "You Belong to the City"

- Guy who played on "Heart of Rock n Roll"

- Guy who played the solo on "Never Tear Us Apart"

- Rocket From the Crypt sax tech

- Sonny Rollins understudy

Instead he switched to guitar and just whistles Yakety Sax to himself whenever tragedy strikes. Who knows what could have happened had he stuck with it....


  1. ANOTHER thing Scott and Clarence Clemens have in common!