Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Not Quite a Lotto Ticket...

Yo internet! It's been awhile since we talked to you. Let's get down to business....

Yes, the EP is still on schedule. You should go ahead and preorder it from Brutal Panda. It's only being released on vinyl for right now. Why you might ask? Well... CDs are clunky, dumb, and make for excellent backup/data transfer devices, but as a listening medium, they are antiques. In 1995, a CD made sense. In 2010, they're AOL....And even AOL quit sending out CDs! See...It's all coming together.

Yes, we have shows coming up. Details on those later.

The big news... Decibel Magazine is hosting a contest to win our new EP. If you know your useless Scott Flaster facts, you might just win the contest. And even if you don't know Scott Flaster from John Amos, you can probably just look on our last LP and get the answer.

Read the Decibel article on the release and enter the contest here.

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