Monday, January 10, 2011

In Soviet Russia, Album Buys You!

Seventh Rule Recordings,the label that makes us rich, has started a bandcamp webpage. What does that mean for you? It means that our first LP, Gather Scatter, is available there for your downloading pleasure.

The album is free to download and to stream. There are all sorts of format choices and most of them are of much higher quality than the other internet choices. You probably knew that you could download it for free anyway via all sorts of nefarious sources. We're just cutting out the middle man and offering you better quality.

You can also pay for the release via Bandcamp by naming your price when you download. You have always had the option to get the album for free, and you still do. We're just giving you another option and letting you decide it's value.

If it was up to us, you'd just buy the vinyl anyway...

In other news, we're writing another album and getting ready to demo it. Yes, that album will likely be getting the bandcamp treatment too.

No, Panic Program is not on bandcamp and is not available digitally yet. You should really just buy the vinyl.

Here's a link to the Seventh Rule bandcamp page. Other releases are there too. Tear at it like hyenas....

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