Tuesday, September 29, 2009

From Another Continent....

We have landed in Berlin. Corey has vomited twice....Once on the plane, and once after eating dinner. He thinks he ate some bad yogurt on the plane. Either way, there seems to be some sort of food poisoning thing going on.

The rest of us are doing great. We met Ralph who will be our guide and leader over the next few weeks. We also met Daniel who we are staying with tonight. Both are absolutely awesome.

We ate some awesome Arabian food for dinner and now Scott and Pat are drinking Budvar, and Mark is drinking a Rothhaus. Corey is sticking with water and tea....

Tomorrow is our first show in Europe and we are stoked....and hoping Corey gets over his food issues.


  1. Yikes! Glad all of you made it safe - hope Corey gets better, keep us posted.

  2. OH NO! My poor baby!!! You need some German Pepto stat!!! XOXOXOXO